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4 sticky eyes for surfacehacking(1) your zone and repelling(2) the living death that gnaws at your fragile time tunnel.

By Neotenomie & Porpentine

Possible uses:
-Put eyes on stuff.
-Train them to act as your own personal surveillance cameras.
-Slap them on your hands, your body, romp around like a giant humanoid biomech, growl at your friends!

The iris design is authentic to the mutations seen in GAIGA pilots, and captures an especially attractive formation of irises. All money goes to the food and shelter of ex-pilots who survived the eternal war, those poor catastrophized girls living an uncertain future.

Each sticky eye is made of premium glossy coated vinyl, with a scratch & weatherproof design for vibrant color during outdoor surfacehacking.

(1) If placed on phone, vibrator, or other electronic equipment, risk of extra-dimensional heresy increases by 500%.

(2) Guaranteed to work against hexabugs, angels, satellite transmissions, and eschaton precursors.

Sold Out